Number #1 for 26T Curtainside Truck Hire in Stoke

f you are looking for a 26t box truck with or without curtainside, then look no further than NVP Vehicle Rentals in Partnership with Stone Van Hire. We supply premium brand vehicles for our customers which is supported by fantastic maintenance to ensure your vehicle is always on the road.


26T Curtain -side
Truck Hire

Our 26t curtain side trucks provide ease of access whilst maximising you payload. Alltruck are here to support you on all of your logistical journeys.

Curtain side trucks provide ease of access for loading and unloading allowing multi location deliveries with a balanced load.


Compared to a box truck with solid metal sides with a first on - last off cargo loading principle, on a 26 tonne curtainside lorry, the side curtains can be retracted on both sides of the lorry and any freight can be accessed as required.


The 26 tonne curtain side truck means delivery time is reduced with the easy retraction and replacement of the side curtains and flexible loading.