About us

Welcome to the NVP Vehicle Rental in Partnership with Stone Van Hire  van rental page. Choose from a wide selection of vans and commercial vehicles ranging from smaller vans to larger trucks to our ever popular Luton Tail Lift and flatbed trucks. Need more information? Email: or call 01782 703115. Alternatively use our contact form found here. We offer some of the Cheapest Van Hire Rates in the Stoke on trent area, Check out our Stone location and book today!

About Us

We offer some of the most affordable vehicle rentals in Staffordshire and Cheshire offerings competitive prices against the market leaders, such as Entrerprise and Hertz.

We are one of the most affordable and flexible Van hire and rental business in the Stoke on Trent, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Cheshire and Staffordshire area.

Renting a Car, Van, Luton or digger doesn't have to break the bank! It can be affordable with NVP! We hire both vans to public and corporate! We are open 7 days a week and are vans are available to be hired 24 / 7, 7 days a week to all our customers. Whether you have hired a van from us before, or are a new customer, you will not be disappointed. ​NVP Rental, also known as Stone Van Hire have one pick up points across the Stoke on trent area in Stone.

How can we help you? Ideal if you’ve just purchased some large items and want to drive them home, purchased a new dining set and need a quick solution? – van hire is available by the hour for added flexibility from NVP. It’s also the perfect solution if you need to move white goods, flat pack furniture, move to a new home or add an additional vehicle to your fleet should you need a short-term boost for your business, no matter how big or small your business.

Our vans are spacious and modern – book yours online now and you’ll soon discover just how convenient they can be.  We will be back in touch within 24 hours to confirm your booking with us. ​

Why choose NVP Vehicle Rentals?

With NVP Vehicle Rental, you get top of the line customer service from our friendly team of van hiring specialists. Our aim is to send every customer away happy and satisfied with their vehicle, whether it being personal or commercial. We are all from the Stoke-on-trent area and have the knowledge of the local area to help you if needed. ​ With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we pledge to go above and beyond our already thorough cleaning protocols and rules, including strict sanitising procedures to protect the health and safety of all. This is throughout our whole range of vehicles, from our smaller Vans all the way to our Luton Vans and flatbed trucks. ​ We are one of Stoke-on-Trents renown and trusted van rental centre, with locations across Stoke-on-trent, we always have availability for Van hire, Car hire and even welfare Vans!  Unlike your well known chain van rentals, like Afford a Rent a Car and Enterprise, we will always have availability for our vehicles, at cheaper rates and a much more pleasent experience.