Luton Van Hire in Stoke-on-Trent.


Our most popular vehicle for house moves. With its huge volume and hydraulic tail lift, a Luton van loads those large items effortlessly.

Hire for this van for:

  • Home removals

  • Delivering large goods – ideal for transporting bulky furniture and white goods

  • As a temporary delivery vehicle while yours is off the road

  • Business relocations

  • Plant transport

Each of our vans drives like a car, so even if you’re unfamiliar with van-driving, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

Driver and passenger safety

This van features:


  • Load securing siderails to anchor loads in place

  • Driver and passenger airbags

  • ABS



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The Luton van is well known for its versatility as a removal/medium range haulage vehicle, ideal for collecting building materials, flags, or weighty boxes of ceramic tiles. The tail lift makes heavy lifting easy and reduces the number of people you need for loading and unloading. Luton vans are very popular because they can be driven with a standard driving licence and are the perfect size for moving homes, the addition of a tail lift takes a lot of the hard work out of that house move and reduces heavy lifting. Because of the Luton van’s height, large pieces of furniture don’t need to be dismantled, saving time on both ends. For more information,  Email: or call 01782 703115. Alternatively use our contact form found here. We offer some of the Welfare Van Hire Rates in the Stoke on trent area, Check out our Stone location and book today!

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Why choose NVP Vehicle Rentals?

With NVP Vehicle Rental, you get top of the line customer service from our friendly team of Luton Van Hire specialists. Our aim is to send every customer away happy and satisfied with their vehicle, whether it being personal or commercial. We are all from the Stoke-on-trent area and have the knowledge of the local area to help you if needed. ​ With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we pledge to go above and beyond our already thorough cleaning protocols and rules, including strict sanitising procedures to protect the health and safety of all. This is throughout our whole range of vehicles, from our smaller Vans all the way to our Luton Vans and flatbed trucks. ​ We are one of Stoke-on-Trents renown and trusted van rental centre, with locations across Stoke-on-trent, we always have availability for Van hire, Car hire and even welfare Vans!  Unlike your well known chain van rentals, like Afford a Rent a Car and Enterprise, we will always have availability for our vehicles, at cheaper rates and a much more pleasent experience.

Luton Van Hire FAQS

Can I Drive A Luton Box Van On A Standard Car Licence from NVP?

The short answer is; yes, a standard driving licence within the UK with category b entitlement means you’re legally permitted to drive a 3.5 tonne Luton box van in the UK. Category B entitlement and how it applies to you depends on when you passed your driving test, however.

What Is The Minimum Age To Hire A Luton Van?

To hire a Luton van, in most cases you’ll need to be at least 25 years old. At NVP you need to be 25 to hire one of our Luton Vans. You are legally entitled to drive a Luton van from the age of 17. However, to hire a Luton van, most hire companies require you to be at least 25 years old.

How Much Weight (Payload) Can A Luton Van from NVP Carry?

Luton vans can carry usually between 1,000kg and 1,212kg depending on make and model. When fully loaded, regardless of make or model, they must not exceed a GVW of 3,500kg (3.5 tonnes) and the unladen weight of the vehicle will directly dictate payload capacity. Howver, always remember, the lighter the van, the more it can carry. This differs from manufacturer to manufacturer and model to model. Here are some examples of the most popular Luton Box vans within the UK market. Mercedes Sprinter Luton: Payload 1,000kg Citroen Relay Luton: Payload 1,170kg Renault Master Luton: Payload 1,212kg Our Luton Van FAQs contain information based on factory standard vans. Your vans VIN plate will display exactly how much your particular vehicle can carry and should always be your first point of reference.

How Much Can You Fit (Load Volume) In A Luton Van from NVP?

Most of the most common UK Luton vans are similar in load capacity at around the 19 cubic metres mark. It’s a fine balance by the manufacturers between more space vs less weight.

I am thinking of Moving House, is a Luton Van big enough?

Absolutely, a Luton Van is more than big enough to move house. A van of this size will move a modest 2 bedroom home in a single run. Assuming the van is packed properly, utilising all available space and you don’t exceed the maximum weight the van is designed to carry, you can easily move home with a Luton van. For larger moves, you’ll require either a second van or, most likely, a double run. At NVP we offer full day Luton hire, or if you need it for the second day, give us a call and we can get this sorted for you.

How Long Is A Luton Van?

Worrying about the size of the Luton Van? "Will I be comfortable driving it"? "Will my sofa fit in the van"? The length of a Luton van is typically around 6 metres and dimensions will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. It will also differ from a vehicle fitted with a standard box to a vehicle fitted with a custom built aftermarket box such as those built for the removals industry. The only sure-fire way to tell how long a Luton van is is to take a tape measure to it from end to end however here are some examples of factory standard models. External Length Ford Transit (Luton): 6.70 metres (Most Popular) Renault Master (Luton): 6.76 metres Iveco Daily (Luton): 6.67 metres Internal Load Length Ford Transit (Luton): 3.93M Renault Master (Luton): 4.11M Iveco Daily (Luton): 4.11M

How Wide Is A Luton Van

The typical width dimensions of a Luton van will range from 2.10 metres to 2.25 metres. Although all are of similar dimensions, they will differ from model to model. Here are some examples. External Width Ford Transit (Luton): 2.25M (Most Popular) Renault Master (Luton): 2.21M Iveco Daily (Luton): 2.10M Internal Load Width Ford Transit (Luton): 1.95M Renault Master (Luton): 1.95M Iveco Daily (Luton): 1.95M

What Height Is A Luton Van

The typical height dimensions of a Luton van will range from 3.25 metres to 3.35 metres. Although all are of similar dimensions, they will differ from model to model. Here are some examples. External Height Ford Transit (Luton): 3.30M Renault Master (Luton): 3.28M Iveco Daily (Luton): 3.28M Internal Load Height Ford Transit (Luton): 2.18M Renault Master (Luton): 2.12M Iveco Daily (Luton): 2.12M

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Luton Van?

The cost to hire a Luton Van from NVP in partnership with Stone Van Hire is £135 per day or 435£ a week.