Summer driving tips for your Van Hire

The first day of Spring 2022 is finally here! Phew....

We often hear and see lots of articles about staying safe when driving in the winter and snowy conditions and how to prepare for the season when you’re on the road. However, although the summer generally brings better driving conditions and longer daylight hours, some issues can still be hazardous and cause your trouble when driving throughout the day.

Here are our top four factors from NVP Vehicle Rentals in partnership with Stone Van Hire to consider and suggestions to keep you safe and secure behind the wheel all spring / summer long.

Beware of Van overheating

As we know, Vans are often used to complete either a lot of short journeys or long journeys, in the summer months this may cause some issues with potential overheating of the van.

There are lots of reasons why a vehicle may overheat in the summer, so if your temperature gauge starts climbing or you have smoke billowing from the bonnet, there could be a couple of the likely culprits, including a leak, blocked hose or damaged water pump.

One simple reason for overheating of a vehicle is coolant issues, even when there are no other problems with the cooling system. Just the wrong type of coolant or the incorrect coolant-to-water ratio can stop your engine from staying cool, and this is more common than you think. If your van has been fine during the colder months but begins to overheat as it gets warmer, this could be a sign you’ve not used a suitable coolant. So flush your system, add the proper mix or pop along to your garage to get it checked.

Be careful of being dazzled

Did you know that roughly 3,000 accidents each year were caused by the sudden glare of the sun while driving in 2013? The sun, believe it or not, can be just as deadly as snow and rain, and an unexpected dazzle can cause a slew of issues, particularly if you're travelling at high speeds. So, on a sunny day, drive with your visor down, wipe your windscreen, and put on those sunglasses to reduce the risk. These may seem self-evident, but double-check that you've completed all three before venturing out into the sunshine. Visors and sunglasses can help decrease glare, and a clean windscreen prevents sunlight from refracting through the mud; bright sunshine can reduce visibility as much as dense fog.

Be patient

Summer is a busy season in agriculture, and tractors are frequently seen on the road during this time. No one enjoys being stopped behind a tractor, especially when they have a deadline to meet. Passing a slow-moving tractor, on the other hand, requires caution. Many agricultural equipment have soundproofed cabs, and some tractor drivers wear ear protection, thus approaching cars may go unnoticed. Tractors may also be longer and feature a loader on the front than you expect. Make sure you have enough room and time to pass before overtaking. The road ahead of you should be straight with no bends or hills. Check the road markers to see if overtaking is permitted on that particular section of road Finally, keep in mind that tractors are only required to wear brake or indicator lights if they are travelling at night, which means they may stop or turn abruptly and without notice during the day.

Finally, beware of the British weather

The season provides better road conditions and less to be concerned about. However, as we all know, British summer weather can be fickle. Summer rains can bring flash floods, which is quite dangerous on the road, especially if you hit a puddle while driving. Rain can make dried mud and other road debris slick, which can be dangerous if you encounter it at high speeds. So, if it's raining or there's a sudden downpour, drive carefully and modify your speed and distance.

Of course, these are just a few of the issues you could encounter over the summer. Regardless of the season, the goal is to always be alert of the road, no matter where you are going. Prepare for the weather, drive carefully and thoughtfully, and expect the unexpected from British weather.

Hiring a van with NVP Vehicle Rentals in Partnership with Stone Van Hire

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Any declined, cancelled, or refused insurance proposals; any physical or mental condition that could jeopardise driving safety; any motor vehicle accidents in the previous three years; and any existing or outstanding convictions or traffic offences should all be disclosed.

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